Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's that in the road, ahead?

(I love these Sunnis & Shiite's more with each passing day. They practice some sort of weird religion that make our L Ron Hubbard Dianetic friends in Los Angeles look positively normal. There are more Imams per square mile of Arab terriotory than there are cockroaches in southern Georgia and they're all about as equally sophisticated and educated as the cockroaches they resemble. They each have their own Jim Jones-like cult of goat herding followers and they each profess to be the be all, end all of the Islamic teaching of Muhammed because they have some sort of particular special knowledge.

Put in front of a camera, they will always babble on about some sort of "God Willing" nonsense and the majority of the time will profess peaceful intent for the good of all mankind. Turn off the camera for a moment and they will beat their women senseless, fly into religious rages and fervors that make a western Kentucky snake handler seem like a pretty reasonable fellow to have as a neighbor and then kill anything in their path in the name of Allah. None of them see any incongruity in any of this behavior and none of them seem to think that they will come out as anything but winners in the end.

Not many of them have ever travelled to another part of their own tiny region much less anywhere else in the world. They couldn't find the State of Georgia, USA on a globe if it was highlighted in day-glo orange and could really give a shit less.

They are a marvel to behold in their own ignorance as they go about their murderous rage, beheading each other for whatever the reason of the day happens to be.

Now, that's entertainment!)

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