Sunday, June 11, 2006

Two die as hardline Islamists ban World Cup

Hardline Islamic courts shut cinema halls and barred residents from watching the World Cup, prompting scores of civilians to protest the ban in which two people were killed, court officials and residents have said. The gunmen loyal to the Joint Islamic Courts (JIC), cut electricity, cleared cinema halls and warned residents against watching the football tournament in areas they control, forcing a violent protest late on Saturday in which two people were killed, residents said Sunday.

(These Islamists are my favorites! What a wild and crazy bunch of guys to go around with guns ready to kill people watching foosball in the name of religion and do it all with a straight face. Seriously, these folks make pederast priests look like pretty reasonable people to have as neighbors. Somehow they don't seem to tie it all together, their pseudo-religion, harsh poverty, murderous just all escapes them.)

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