Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ORLANDO - As Tropical Storm Alberto threatened to strengthen into the ninth hurricane in 22 months to affect Florida, former President Clinton predicted Monday that Republican environmental policies will lead to more severe storms.

CEDAR KEY - The first tropical storm of the season raked northern Florida with rain and wind gusts Tuesday but didn't blow up into a hurricane as forecasters had feared. The storm's top sustained winds were 50 mph, well below the 74 mph threshold for a hurricane.

In nearby Steinhatchee, a small fishing town in the Big Bend, life already appeared to be returning to normal. "The locals consider this a mosquito breeze," said Bruce Tayco, 33, who works at a restaurant. "When it's a tropical storm, we don't even consider it."

(WASHINGTON - It has been reported that the sheer amount of hot air blown by Clinton, Gore and 87,230 superexcited, hyperventilating weather reporters across the nation has done serious damage to the ozone layers residing far above your head. As these non-scientists begged and hoped and prayed for a hurricane, they were shouting louder and longer to be heard over each other and scientists assume the noise levels alone have shifted cloud covers and caused major damage, proving once and again that these morons will say or do anydamnthing that comes to their minds to get some attention. Republicans cause hurricanes. Jesus, Mr. President Clinton, sir. All due respect here, that's just...weak.)

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