Thursday, May 18, 2006

OOPS, too late to be draping yourself with an American flag now. When illegals pounded the pavement a couple weeks ago, blustering and threatening the rest of us with a shut-down of the services they provide and wrapping themselves in mostly Mexican flags, a few interesting things came to light. The services they shut down weren't really noticed but by each other. Oh sure, if they were gone for a month, maybe we'd see a difference in the price of Claxton chicken or corn tortillas but otherwise...not so much. Then they, and we, all discovered none of us want to be told by anyone who is "illegal" under any circumstance that we who are "legal" *must* do anything for a lawbreaker.

That message sounded clearer than ever before. The definition of "legal" and "illegal" suddenly was defined to Americans who hadn't given it much though previously.

Then the media, they who love drama, showed stories of cities being held captive by illegals, tens of thousands of illegals taking over city services, welfare programs, failing schools, serious gang warfare (Latinos can teach the Crips & Bloods a thing or two about gang warfare.) and babies...oh my God Latinos, mostly Catholic, they love to reproduce at government expense.

So, the strategy has backfired on them and we're now on a massive push-em-back, way-back play to get them across into that 3rd world desolate country where politicians are as crooked as any in Louisiana and crime is considered an ordinary way of making a living, not even a very good's just another job.

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